Livespins Is Live – First Up: Norway!

27 Nov 2021

Livespins Is Live – First Up: Norway!

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In our previous article, published on October 28th 2021, we were the first to announce the groundbreaking product Livespins. We discussed the product’s presentation by the CEO of, as well as the live demonstration to viewers.

Livespins is a tool that combines streaming software with a casino game. It allows players to watch a casino streamer in action while placing their bets on the same game round on the stream. 

We’ve been eagerly waiting for news regarding the product and its launch. Finally, we’re able to bring you an update. From today, the developer will offer Livespins to players on the Norwegian market! 

The Time for Launch Has Finally Come

Since we published our initial article, we have kept close contact with the team at We are sure this will be one of the most significant updates online casinos have seen in a while. 

On Friday, HappuHour and its team launched LiveSpins on the Norwegian market to test the waters, which is an interesting choice. 

Norway stands outside of the European Union and therefore, has a slightly different regulatory environment than the rest of Europe. The market itself is quite large, and the population has a large discretionary budget for non-essential spending. 

It has also been announced that the site CasinoFriday will be running a Christmas promotion using Livespins throughout December. has signed some well-known Norwegian streamers to ensure that there’s a selection of rooms to join. These streamers welcome players to the product and act as hosts while doing what they do best: playing casino games and entertaining the audience. 

1744x on the very first stream! 

The Norwegian casino streamer Kongebonus was the very first streamer to stream via LiveSpins. What was supposed to be a 1-hour long stream, ended up being a 3-hour session. One of the reasons for this was that luck struck for the streamer and he landed a massive win of 1744x on a €4.20 bet (£3.56). But instead of us explaining what happened, have a check yourself by playing the fantastic clip below:


What Does the Future Have in Store for Livespins?

After the Norwegian market launch, we can only speculate on the next few steps. What’s certain is that a successful launch in Norway will lead to an expansion into other similar markets. 

Having experienced staff from various European countries, and since the CEO of, Robin Eirik Reed, first made his name in Malta, launching on an MGA-licensed casino doesn’t seem too far off. 

The Maltese license is still the most commonly used in the EU. Offering the product in the EU would mean that Livespins will reach the highest number of players with the least effort.

We are very excited to see how the launch will pan out for all involved. Also, we believe Robin Eirik Reed will bring his star power to the launch, and we expect it to be a resounding success.

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