LiveSpins – A promise to turn online casino gaming into a social event

28 Oct 2021

LiveSpins – A promise to turn online casino gaming into a social event

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Robin Eirik Reed is already a well-known name within the iGaming industry for founding Gaming Innovation Group and turning it into a powerhouse. Since his days at GIG, he has been getting more and more involved with new technical developments and seeking out ideas before they reach the mainstream. 

On October 28th he was ready to announce the latest project he has been working on as the CEO of LiveSpins. HappyHour is a company that seeks to take online casino gaming into the next phase. Robin Eirik Reed believes that the future is to return to the inherently social roots of gambling. 

LiveSpins will combine casino streaming with regular casino play in a way to make the viewer able to play and win together with the streamer in real-time. Gone are the days of playing on one screen while hanging out in the twitch stream on another. 

LiveSpins combines casino and streaming into one

The idea behind LiveSpins is that a large segment of viewers of casino content is not only watching it for entertainment value. A big part of casino streaming is to feel connected to other people who have the same passion for casino games and who want to experience winning together.

In the presentation, LiveSpins as a product was shown for the very first time. It was done both live for an audience and on the iGaming NEXT Youtube channel. It is essentially a product that lets casinos put streamers and viewers in the same room. 

It gives the viewer the chance to play together with the streamer, betting on the same spin in the same game but with funds from their own wallet. 

Whenever the streamer lands a win, the viewer will get the same multiplier. As it gives the option of setting your own bet stakes, any player can afford to play along. 

Along with the game taking centre stage, there is also a screen showing the streamer as he is playing and a chat window where all the viewers are welcomed to communicate. 

This is essentially like how sportsbook fans gather together and discuss their bets while watching a big game, live or on TV. Everyone is welcome to chat and talk to one another while they play.

A new category of online gaming? 

Combining both the gambling aspect with the streaming side of things will most likely create a completely new way of playing. Many casinos will immediately see the value created by’s product and we are sure that this will show up at most casinos in the near future.

The iGaming market is known for looking for innovation within their fields and the development of slots have come a very long way since the early days of online gaming. LiveSpins will most likely prove to be an even bigger step forward than any taken thus far. 

By offering a lounge where players can hang out while they play together, casinos will be able to offer a completely new category of gaming: Truly social gaming. 

This will make casino gaming even more fun for the initiates, and they will build relationships with one another as more and more start out as streamers. 

HappyHour’s Robin Eirik Reed describes LiveSpins as a completed product and from what we can see in the demonstration (video above), it looks like they will be ready to roll it out to interested parties in a very short time from now. This means that we can expect to see it around and experience it for ourselves very soon.

Even bigger and more powerful casino content?

In the presentation, Reed is also talking about the new content that will be created by this new product. As all gameplay and all reactions will be filmed live, casino content will develop even more and become even more engaging. 

Wins will get even bigger as dozens, or more, viewers follow the same streamer, bet on the same spins and land the exact same wins. He asks us to imagine the biggest win of casino history. This will be shared by all participating players and lead to immense excitement.

This excitement will easily translate into casino content ready to be broadcast over social media, meaning that your casino will come even closer to you. Expect to see videos of ecstatic winners going viral in the near future!