Casino Dice Games – Which Games Can You Play?

15 Mar 2021

Casino Dice Games – Which Games Can You Play?

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Dice gambling games are some of the easiest casino table games to learn and play. For many years, gambling dice games such as craps have been a popular pastime for players because of their exciting gameplay and payouts.

However, dice games do not only include craps and Sic Bo, there’re many more types available. This article aims to introduce you to casino dice UK games, teach you the different variations available, and how to play.

What Are Casino Dice Games?

Casino dice games include games that depend on the outcome of tossing a dice. Players, therefore, need to place wagers on the result of a roll or a series of rolls.

Depending on whether you play land-based or online casino dice games, you get different betting options where you can play alone or with other enthusiasts.

Introduction to Different Casino Dice Games

Even if you are new to the game, chances are that you are familiar with the usual cube-shaped dice that features 6 sides. Simple dice games include tossing them  to determine the outcome.

However, there is more to it than just tossing, with some game variations involving two, three, or even up to 5 dice being tossed to determine an outcome. These games also come with different rules and variants. Some of the most popular gambling dice games include:

  • Craps
  • Hazard
  • Sic bo
  • Klondike
  • Banka Francesca
  • Chuck a luck

There are also the new and less known games in this category that one can find in a few casinos. They include:

  • Die Rich
  • Grand Hazard
  • Bitcoin Dice
  • Under and Over 7
  • Ricochet
  • Big Six

Popular Casino Dice Games

Playing a casino game with dice might seem overwhelming if you are just starting out. There are many terms, rules, and strategies that you need to learn if you are aiming to get a successful outcome. Our list of popular casino dice games include:

  1. Craps Dice Game

This is one of the most popular and well-known titles. It comes with much fun and excitement as well as a variety of bets, which includes side bets and main game rounds.

The aim in this game is to predict correctly where the next roll of dice lands. It starts with a ‘come out roll’ or the first roll of dice, which leads to different results in the game. This includes:

  • Natural numbers
  • Craps
  • Point numbers

Which bets can you place in craps?

There are many bets on this game, and this determines the payout that you get at the end of the round.

For instance, the most basic craps bet is the pass line bet, and different casinos might have slight variations to this rule. Different variations of craps games also feature different types of bets, such as:

Come bets

The bet comes with a payout ratio of 1:1. You bet on the outcome of landing a 7 or 11. If a natural turns up, you win, but turning out the craps leads to a loss.

Odds bet

You can place a variety of bets such as pass or don’t pass bets, come or don’t come bets. You can also increase your payouts by placing side bets.

Other bets that you can place include:

  • Place bets
  • pass bets/don’t pass bets paid at even money
  • field bets paid at even money except for numbers 2 and 12
  • Proposition bets which are placed at the centre of the craps table.

Variations of craps dice games

The different game rules and bet options have given rise to many craps variants that are interesting to play and have higher payouts. The common variants include:

  • Street craps
  • Bank craps/Las Vegas craps
  • Simplified craps
  • Highpoint craps
  • New York craps
  • Open craps
  • Crapless craps

Other Casino Dice Games

There are  other exciting games that players opt for, thanks to  their exciting gameplay and payouts. Here’s a list of Dice games that you can try:

1.      Hazard Casino Dice

The game is played on two dice and can include several players. It is easier to play than craps as it comes with fewer rules.

2.      Banka Francesca Dice

This casino dice game is played with three dice on a table. Its gameplay is fast and almost similar to baccarat, and the house edge is about 1.5%.

3.      Sic Bo Casino Game

Sic Bo or ‘dice pair,’ as the name refers to in Chinese, is a game that is played on three dice by many players at a table.

The game features many bet options and has the potential to grant you huge payouts. It is mostly popular in Asia gambling places where it originated from.

4.      Klondike Dice Game

The game comes with much fun and excitement as it is played with 5 dice. The only downside to it is the high house edge.

5.      Chuck-A-Luck Dice

It is also called Birdcage and also popular with players because its rules are easy to understand.

The game is played on 3 dice, marked from 1 to 6 , which are rolled inside an hourglass. You can place 5 types of bets.

6.      Bitcoin Dice

It involves betting using Bitcoins, where you bet on a range of numbers from 1 to 10,000.

7.      Grand Hazard Casino Dice

It is played on 3 dice, and players bet on their outcome. It features a high house edge and most preferable for experienced players.

8.      Big Six Wheel Casino Dice

Players bet on the possible outcomes of a rotating wheel bearing 3 dice. Not common in casinos and is preferred in social places. It also comes with a high house edge.

How to Play Casino Dice Games and Win

After identifying the different casino dice games, you can sign up to play them at a casino of your choice. However, to play and win, you should consider the following:

●       Experience

Most players prefer to play a dice casino game that presents them with the highest payouts. However, you should choose a game that you are conversant with its rules.

As a beginner, you can start with simple games as you learn how the games are played. As an experienced player, you can place bets that come with high payouts, such as betting on individual numbers.

●       Game’s Rules

Dice games are designed with different rules, and learning how and where they are applied will help you to make a better judgement on which game to play.

Understanding the rules also enables you to identify the games with better odds or a big house edge and which rules result in lowering it.

●       Learn the different bets and their payouts

If you are planning to try dice games for money, you should learn the best strategies that can help you win. This way, you discover the best bets and how the different bets determine your wins.

You opt for bets with the best odds and those with a reasonable house edge.

●       Set and stick to a budget

You should aim to bet on games on a budget that you can maintain. Setting a budget before hitting the table enables you to gamble responsibly and avoid compulsive gambling.

FAQs on Dice Games at Casinos

Q: Are casino dice games popular?

A: These games are popular among most casino players. This is because they are exciting and easy to play and also because of their high returns.

Q: How can I bet on dice games?

A: You can bet by first learning the game rules and basics, such as the type of bets and their payouts. You can also bet for fun or real money, depending on your preference.

Q: How much can I bet on dice games?

A: When choosing games to play, you need to consider your budget and what the expected returns could be. As a rule, you should not bet more than you can afford to lose. Similarly, you should not bet on a budget that you cannot afford.

Q: How much can I win with casino dice games?

A: The best dice games come with reasonably profitable payouts since they have a small house edge. However, the amount that you win will depend on your expertise, bet options, strategies, and specific game.

Ready To Indulge in Some Dice Casino Games Fun?

Have you enjoyed our list of casino dice games? If yes, you can start by playing casino games with dice for fun before playing the games for real money. Utilising our tips on how to play and win dice games should not only get you high payouts but also maximum fun.

We do appreciate your feedback, so feel free to share this article with your friends or leave us your comments in the comment section below.