Best Online Casino Games: Which Casino Games to Play in 2021?

29 Aug 2020

Best Online Casino Games: Which Casino Games to Play in 2021?

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Online casino games are favourite pastimes for most players. They are also a profitable venture for casino and software developers. You can, therefore, find hundreds of game offerings to play at online and land casinos.

You will always come across new titles that have just hit the market, as game developers try to improve their products. To help you get the most rewarding gaming experience, we have assembled a list of the most exciting games that you can play.

If you enjoy the excitement of spinning reels, high payouts, and interesting storylines, you should consider playing slots as they are our overall winner. However, there are also other appealing games that would suit your gambling needs as you will find out on our review.

Which Games Can I Play Online?

Casino sites stock hundreds of games that you can play online and your choice will depend on a number of factors. This would include features such as house edge, ease of playing the game, bet limits, and size of payouts or game variety, among others. Below are the major online casino games:

1.      Slots-Best Relaxing Casino Game

Online slot games are the most popular game categories in online casinos. Slots make the largest share of the games at casinos due to their simple rules. Other top features include:


  • Easy to play- Being dependent on chance, any beginner can find an online slot bonus to start playing the games with and manage to win.
  • Exciting gaming- Slots are fun to play due to their great graphics, gamification features, special bonus features, and animations.
  • Huge payouts- Progressive jackpot slots such as Mega Moolah feature jackpot prizes rising as high as millions of dollars.
  • Large game variety- There are thousands of online slots games with unique features that you can choose from.
  • Suitable bet limits-slot machines have bet limits that suit casual players, serious gamers, and high rollers. No matter the size of your budget, you can find an online slot that has convenient bet limits ranging from penny slots to slots that you can play with more than a hundred dollars.


2. Video Poker-Best Combination of Skills and Games of Chance

Video poker gives you a chance to exercise your skills in decision making while landing on handsome payouts. Their popularity also stems from their features such as:


  • Easy to learn and play: It combines skill and luck with very few rules, which are easy to understand for all players.
  • Offers great payouts
  • Has a low house edge and in most cases, its house edge is about 1% or lower in some variations.
  • Provides punters with a fun and exciting gaming experience
  • It has many Variations which provides a variety of options to play the game. These include variations such as Aces and Faces, Aces and Eights, Deuces Wild and Jacks or Better among others.


3. Roulette- Best Table Game with Simple Rules

You win in roulette by simply making a correct prediction on where the ball lands on a spinning wheel.


  • You can play different variations such as American, French, or European roulette among others.
  • It is easy to play as it features straight forward rules such as predicting which number the ball lands on during the next spin.
  • Low house edge such as 2.70% in European roulette as compared to slots games which ranges from 2 to 10% in some cases.


4. Live Casino Games- Best Social Gaming Experience

Live casino games come with much excitement as you can watch in real time as the action is conducted. You can have fun chatting with players or the dealer at the live tables. Live casinos make the most thrilling game offerings at any online casino because of features such as:


  • Large variety such as live casino hold em, live roulette, live blackjack, baccarat, and live poker among others.
  • Immersive social gaming experience as you can interact with other players as you play
  • Convenient table bet limits suited to your budget


5. Blackjack-Best Odds of Winning


  • It can be played in single and multi-hand variations thus getting you more entertainment.
  • An immersive gaming experience as you have to make critical decisions and employ strategies in order to win.
  • Low house edge ranging from 0.5% to 2.0%, which can also be lowered further by the use of strategy.


6. Poker-Top Competitive Casino Card Games


  • Exciting gameplay as you compete with other players and get social gaming experience.
  • You can try different variations of the game such as Texas Hold em, Omaha Hi/Lo, and Seven card Stud among others.
  • Great payouts in the real money poker tournaments


7. Craps/Games with Dice-Best Odds in Specific Bets

Dice casino games have few rules and you can join casinos which invite you with a bonus to try out the game. Reasons for their popularity include:

6. Poker-Top Competitive Casino Card Games


  • Fast-paced action
  • Convenient bet limits to suit most players
  • Different variations of craps and dice titles


8. Baccarat- Lowest House Edge


  • Good odds with a low house edge ranging 1.06 to 1.24%
  • Easy to play as it only has few rules and decisions to be made in order to win
  • Possibility of improving your odds using a strategy


9. Scratch Cards- Fastest Gameplay

They are mostly preferred as side games as they come with fast gaming. You only need to purchase online cards to reveal whether you have hit the winning numbers. Scratch cards also have other special features such as:


  • They do not require any skills in order to win
  • Fast gaming as you only have to scratch and reveal the winning numbers
  • Some bear huge jackpot amounts which are ideal for real money gaming


10. Others

You can also play bingo and Keno, which are arcade games that only need simple strategies in order to win.

Top Online Casino Games 101: All You Need to Know!

Which casino games have the best and worst odds?

You can get the information on most of the games’ odds at the information section or pay table of the specific game. Generally, those that require skills come with better odds than those of chance such as slots.

Specifically, the most rewarding odds can be found in games such as craps, blackjack, and baccarat while the least odds would be in slots machines.

Are casino games rigged?

Games at the casino cannot easily be rigged as the casinos are accountable to gambling regulators. They have to demonstrate and maintain fairness or they risk losing their operating licenses.

Online casino games utilise tested and certified RNG (Random Number Generators) to generate the winning numbers hence making it impossible to rig the games.

Which games are the best for a beginner to play at an online casino?

It is advisable to start with free games as you gain valuable experience that can help you win real money. Scratch cards or slots machines are preferable since they are not strategy intensive, but rather you win by chance.

You can also graduate to others like video poker, roulette, and baccarat using the casino bonus or demo mode versions.

Can I in any way improve my chances of winning at an online casino?

You can improve your chances of winning by choosing games that you are well conversant with their rules. You can also utilise some skills and strategies to lower the house edge on some games.

It is also advisable to research on the best variation of games that suit your gaming needs before playing for real money. You can also try most of the games using the bonuses offered at most sites.

Where can I play the best online casino games?

You should only sign up at online casino sites which are trustworthy and fair. We provide a helping hand and make the search for the best games casino easier for you by sampling different casinos to identify the best.

You can find our list of recommended online casinos in our article, ‘Best online casinos’ where you can also find more information on how to identify the top-ranking online casinos.

Start Your Gaming Adventure with the Top Online Casino Games

As you can deduce from the above, there are dozens of games that you can play online. Your choice of the ideal game would depend on the one that appeals most to your casino gaming needs.

For instance, slots are great overall; especially if you are searching for titles that bear interesting graphics and animation features. They also score high marks for the big payouts, especially in their progressive jackpots.  Their simple gameplay makes them the ideal choice for both beginners and experienced players.

However, in case you are looking for a more challenging game, with good odds and profitable real money payouts, you should opt for table games such as blackjack and roulette.

All in all, most are worth playing online and you can try them using the free spins and bonus funds offered in most casinos.