About Betty Cherotich

I never considered myself a writer, but deep down, I always knew that I had a way with words. If you think I’m lying, you can go and ask my preschool crushes.

For some reason, I was inclined to doing things that would earn me a spot on the cover of famous magazines – The Time – to be precise.

I was introduced to the world of gambling at a young age. My uncles and aunts enjoyed playing card games, and being the competitive type; you can imagine how intense poker games got during family get-togethers. With so many people in the family gambling, it was only a matter of time before I took a similar path. Grandma never played card games despite understanding them. She revealed that she preferred games of chance, and her favorite was Bingo – and this is how I discovered that bingo was a game of luck while card games required mastery and skill.

I enjoyed a lot of online gaming in my teenage years. I also developed interest in sports like tennis, soccer, and basketball during this period. By the age of 18, I was a die-hard Real Madrid fan. For the ultimate weekend experience, my friends and I met at the local entertainment spot clad in our favorite team’s jerseys to watch our teams play on the giant screens.

We weren’t just watching matches on the big screens, but also betting on them. My excellent streak of losses motivated me to become a professional gambler. I started analyzing a team’s past performance before placing my bets and this is how I went from streaks of losses to streaks of wins within a month. I also stopped gambling on bookmakers that only offered sports offerings because I had developed a taste for platforms that could allow me to enjoy both sportsbook and casino offerings.

My personal experience taught me something – professional gamblers were once terrible gamblers, and the only thing that has changed is how they approach the games. Being a casino enthusiast, I spend a considerable amount of time trying out different online casinos and their offerings. I do this to ensure that I have a rewarding and story-worthy gaming experience whether I’m playing for fun or cash rewards. It would, however, be a lie if I said I go through all that trouble for myself. I scour the internet for the best gambling platforms so that I can recommend them to; and of course, to other casino enthusiasts and gamers out there.

I share valuable tips and tricks that will come in handy as you enjoy your favourite casino titles. You will also uncover the dos and don’ts that you should have in mind while enjoying slots, bingo, table, and card games at your preferred gaming destination. Are you beginning your casino gaming journey? If your answer is yes, it would be best if you kept up with me like your favorite popstar as this is a good way to avoid making rookie mistakes. Also, remember to always come back for the latest info on lucrative bonuses and promotions!

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